Day 358-360: Christmas Recap and Italy Bound

Hello friends. Tomorrow we leave for Italy! We will be skiing in the Alps and celebrating the new year on the slopes. We will also visit the hometown of Peter’s grandmother. I love Italy! It is one of my favorite countries and I can’t believe it has been almost 5 years since I was last there. Wish me a safe flight!

This will be my last post till January 7th and then it will be a frantic posting of the 365 project!! WOW IT HAS BEEN A YEAR. Cool.

Monday, December 24th 

Monday afternoon my mom’s side of the family came over to our house for Christmas supper. These family gatherings are always epic. This year was no exception.

Even my uncle’s dog, Okie, participated in the festivities.



She is cute but no substitute for Holly. We missed her this Christmas.

Before the family gathering, I made sure to make it to the gym for a pre-feast workout. Got to put all that stuffing and pie to good use. Fuel for my muscles! I found this ski-ready workout from GPP  and was excited to give it a go.


25 Ski Squats- 32lbs.

25 V Ups

25 Squat Box Jumps

25 Power Cleans- 25lbs.

250m Row


I was sleepy and unmotivated so my time sucked. I finished in 33.39. Meh. Next time I want to really work on going faster. I know I can! My legs are still sore and ready for the slopes! Hopefully…

Tuesday, December 25th

Christmas Day was very low key at our house and included our traditional egg and bacon brunch and present opening. It was a good year of gift giving and receiving. The afternoon was then spent with Peter’s mom. Of course I just had to test out my new kicks.


They are so awesome and bright. I have never owned Asics before and they rock! So comfy and neon. There was little time to workout so I made up a quick WOD on the spot.


5 Pull Ups

10 Push Ups

15 OH Lunges- 25lb. plate


I really pushed hard and finished in 11.08. Whew! It was a perfect workout, quick and invigorating. Plus my feet felt great.

It was then a rush to get ready for family movie time to see…. LES MISERABLES. Holy crap I love Les Miz. I was in our highschool production of Les Miz (chorus baby!) and just fell in love with the story, music, and characters. It was great to watch it on the screen. Ann Hathaway is going to get some mad awards. Just go see the movie. I’m listening to the soundtrack as I write this… yeah…

Wednesday, December 26th 

Today was a day full of errands and then dinner with my family at Havana Cafe.


The restaurant was good and we enjoyed our time together. Who knows when we will all be together again :-(. Maybe in my new country of residence! Oh have I not shared the news??? You will have to wait just a little longer… but it is very good news :-).

As of now my bags are packed and the night grows darker. It is time for bed. Italy tomorrow!


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