Day 333 and 334: Changing Seasons and Getting Sick in China

Are you getting confused yet about my erratic posting? I hope not. It has been fun jumping between Italy and China because they are SO DIFFERENT. Reviewing these pictures just makes me remember how 2012 was an incredible year of travel and adventure.

Thanks for reading! I promise the 365 project will end… soon!

Thursday, November 29th 

December is quickly approaching and the weather in Shanghai is becoming more cool and crisp. There is no chance of snow but a cold rain continues to come down on the city while the humid air chills to the bone. However, I am happy with the change of scenery and the ever changing leaves.


It reminds me of my beautiful Maine minus the forest, wilderness, trees, clean air, people…. you get the picture.

I bundle up in sweaters and rain jackets and enjoy the cold air while I can. This might be the last time I walk around one of the biggest cities in the world… and not sweat. Balmy Florida and Malaysia will keep me in a constant state of sweatiness but at least will have some sun!

I know I will miss Shanghai, just a little bit.

Friday, November 30th 

For one of our last lunches in China, Peter takes me and our friend Jorge back to Wonton, one of the coolest and most delicious restaurants by his work.

Remember this meal?


I certainly do.

Plump wontons and meatballs float in a warm broth with egg, a ribbon of seaweed, and chunk of corn on the cob. The soup is warm and comforting on this chilly day. On the side are soy sauce for dipping, red beans, and a boba dessert. Don’t forget the fresh juice!

See, food in China can be healthy and delicious. Despite 2 months of drastically changing seasons, I have yet to catch the flu or a cold. I swear it is the traditional Chinese food and copious amounts of tea that keep me healthy even if the hygiene of the food sometimes causes intestinal distress.

While I have yet to get the sniffles, I have been plagued by violent stomach reactions to poorly prepared food 4 times in China. It is not fun people. Especially when most bathrooms in China are holes in the ground and do not have toilet paper or soap.

My advice? Come prepared. Bring Immodium (tmi?).

And drink lots of tea!

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