Day 335: Back on the Bund

Saturday, December 1st 

Sadly, my last weekend in Shanghai had arrived. Although we had already succeeded in purchasing fake goods at Pearl City last weekend, I realized we needed to buy a few more things. I was also desperate to visit the Bund and my favorite restaurant one last time. So we made a day out of it!

First Barri and I tackled Yatai Xinyang Fashion and Gift Market at the Science & Technology Museum metro stop. It was overwhelming and a little stressful but we walked out with two trash bags full of Chanel purses and wallets for my mom and sisters. Success!!

We grabbed a cab to meet the boys at Lost Heaven on the Bund, my favorite restaurant in Shanghai. Peter brought me there during my first visit to China.


Honestly the food and atmosphere were not as amazing as I remembered but I enjoyed being with our friends. We were also seated next to door that refused to stay shut and keep the cold air out. However, I had several glasses of wine so I didn’t mind the cold air at all!

After stuffing ourselves with plenty of good food, we walked across the street to stroll the Bund one last time.


The Bund was surprisingly empty. We had the place all to ourselves! The view was surreal as always and I have to remind myself that this was actually my home for a short period of time. Crazy!

Suddenly, it started to rain. Peter and I clutched our trash bags full of purses hoping to keep them safe and dry. By that time, it was pouring. Of course we only had two umbrellas to share between the four of us. Yeah, we had to get out of there. Of course the only time the Bund is actually empty of people, China weather kicks us out. I guess we are doomed to endless crowds and traffic in this magnificent city of lights.


Running away from the Bund in a flurry of trash bags, umbrellas, and wet coats, we tried calling a cab to no avail. Unfortunately, it is impossible to find a cab in a major tourist area while it is raining cats and dogs. Thank you China! Mad and wet, we knew we were stuck until it stopped raining and we could call a cab home.


So we did what any cold and wet tourist on the Bund would do and decided to start drinking. We walked back to Lost Heaven and grabbed a table at their top floor bar. We were going to be here for awhile! At least we would be happy and warm.


This actually proved to be a blessing in disguise. Although we were cold and tired, we were able to relax and hang out a little bit longer. Plus I enjoyed the most amazing cocktail.. EVER. Ginger is my favorite mixer ever so when I saw a ginger cocktail on the menu I jumped at the chance. Served in these adorable metal cups, this cocktail was DELICIOUS.

I was a happy camper and probably had a few ginger cocktails too many. But that was ok, it was my last big night out in Shanghai! Go big if you are going home right?




Several hours later, the rain stopped and we found a cab to take us home at a very late hour with our enormous trash bags in tow. I am so happy that I managed to see the Bund one last time before leaving. After calling Shanghai my home for 2 months, I had already forgotten that it really is an enormous and splendid city, a place that I called my home!

Honestly, I expected to live in Shanghai for at least a year. My trip was cut incredibly short with Peter’s relocation to Malaysia and I wish I had explored more of Shanghai and China. I thought I had more time. But everything happens for a reason. I did what I was supposed to do in China and now fate is bringing me to Malaysia.

This time I will take full advantage of this never-ending life abroad.


4 thoughts on “Day 335: Back on the Bund

  1. I’m so sad that you’ve moved and we never got a chance to meet up. Good luck in Malaysia, I’m sure it will be amazing!
    We ate at Lost Heaven a few weeks back. Some of the dishes were really good, others failed to impress. Our friends really like it for the dark interior – perfect for their 3 month old to fall asleep 🙂
    And I’m glad you got in some last minute fake market shopping. We anticipate doing the same before we leave – scarves, belts, wallets, makeup bags, etc. 🙂

    1. I’m so sad we were not able to meet up. I didn’t even realize you were in Shanghai yet! Maybe you should bring back your blog… :-).

      Have you joined AWCS? I still write for their magazine and met some really nice ladies there. There’s also SEA, Shanghai Expat Association, which does some really cool adventure and cultural trips around the city. OH and the Shanghai Community Center has great events and classes.

      Hope you are doing well! Shoot me an email ( if you’d like.

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