Life Lately in Photos

Happy Valentines Day! 

Although Peter and I have been dating for 2+ years, we have never been in the same country on Valentines Day. Not that I am complaining. I kind of hate the whole V-Day hoopla… but I love chocolate. Gimme. On the bright side, I move to Malaysia in less than 3 weeks! We will see plenty of each other then :-).

As you know the 365 project is over and I am in the middle of blogging about my trip to Italy. So what have I been doing for the last 5 weeks?? Let’s review in photos because you know that’s what I love.

1. Chilling poolside. Florida winter alternates between sunny/hot and sunny/cold. On those sunny/hot weekends I have been soaking up rays by the pool!


2. Working. I still work for the same company so I go to the office a couple times a week and work from home the rest of the time. At the office I can’t resist bathroom style selfies. My hair is so dark!! 


3. Spending time with friends. My college bestie Carina came over for her birthday weekend and we celebrated with elaborate dinners and cupcakes with mini ice creams. Then I caught up with my highschool bestie Mariana and her boyfriend for some bowling and dinner. They are currently on a month long backpacking trip through Mexico. Check out her blog! Finally I attended my elementary school bestie’s bridal shower a few weeks ago. Time sure does fly.


Megans Bridal Party

4. Spending time with family. My sister Morgan has been home so we’ve been hanging out a lot. Recently we made a stop at St. Pete Beach after getting lunch with my grandma. It was a beautiful day.


Morgan and I have also been going out to lunch, hanging out at coffee shops, and exploring the campus of her new school. Last weekend we went to a naked body paint art show which was really… interesting. St. Pete continues to surprise me!


5. Exploring the outdoors. Like I said, it has been absolutely beautiful here. The sun is out almost every single day. I have been trying to take advantage of the weather as much as I can whether (hah!) I go for a bike ride, take a walk, or just lie down in my backyard. Did I mention that winter sunsets in Florida are magical?

IMG_2541 IMG_2543

IMG_2545IMG_2645 IMG_2649

6. Hockey!!! The lockout is over and the TB Lightning are back on the ice. I’ve been to one game thus far and can’t wait to attend more. Go Bolts!!


7. Boating. My dad just bought an older boat so Morgan and I have been busy helping him clean it up and take it out. After a little bit of work it runs like a dream! I am trying to become a better crew but my rope tying skills are a little rusty. At least I have the winter boating style down.


8. Doctor’s appointments. Moving abroad is a big deal so I have been making sure to get the proper immunizations and check-ups before I leave. Also, I finally went to see a podiatrist about my foot pain. He diagnosed me with some arthritis (yikes!) and a genetic foot abnormality known as Metatarsus Adductus. My condition is not threatening and there is nothing I can do about it. Instead the podiatrist attributed my foot pain to extremely tight calves and tendons (duh) and gave me stretches and exercises to do daily. After a few weeks I already feel an improvement!!! Hooray!!


9. Working Out. You know me :-). As much as I miss Crossfit I have enjoyed mixing up yoga classes and outdoor walking with my own WODs in the gym. I am relatively as strong as I was in Shanghai and my goal right now is maintenance. With all my traveling it has been a miracle that I am consistently working out at all. But I love fitness so much and it keeps me sane in my crazy life.


10. Dreaming of Malaysia! I cannot wait to be reunited with Peter in a tropical paradise. I will be in Malaysia for 6 solid months which is the longest I will have ever been out of the United States. Yes, I am terrified and freaking out but I know I can do it. Another adventure lies ahead!


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