Day 361: BIG NEWS… On the Move Again

Hello and Happy New Year!!

I got back from Italy Monday night and brought a cold with me! Let’s just say the combination of a stuffy sinus and jetlag is making me less than productive. Fortunately my legs are still smoked from skiing so I welcome the rest.

Right before midnight on New Years Eve, I snapped my final photo for the 365 project! It is hard to believe that I have taken one photo every day for an entire year! Yes, 2012 has flown by in flash. Somebody pinch me.

While this project has sometimes been a pain in the butt, it has challenged me in so many ways. Not only did I revitalize my passion for photography, but I have a record of this crazy but monumental year. I traveled to 3 states and 3 countries, enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, trained my first personal training client, moved to China, moved back from China, and was shocked by some big news.

We are moving to Malaysia! 

After 2 years in China, Peter was offered a position in Penang, Malaysia. In fact, he is there right now! He left Italy before me, spent a day at home, then flew to Shanghai and then Malaysia. Poor guy!

To say I am excited and terrified is the understatement of the (new) year. It seems like just yesterday I was moving to China. Well it was only September…

While we were still in China, we found out about Penang. And just as I had packed my life to go to China, I packed it all back up and went home to Florida. All the things I had going on with personal training and health coaching in Shanghai weren’t set to happen until after the new year so I got lucky. I now know that I can move to a foreign country and start my own business. I can immerse myself in the culture and make new friends. I can thrive.

I do not have a plane ticket yet but am looking at the beginning of February. Peter is busy with his new job and finding an apartment so I have time to spend with my family. I am blessed for this time to breathe and prepare.

I will try to keep you updated but will most likely be playing catch up with the 365 project. I still owe you some posts from China, Japan, and Italy. Sounds terrible right? 😉

Thursday, December 27th

Last Thursday, Peter, his mom, and I departed for Italy. I dug out my mom’s hand me down snow boots from the 80’s.



Thankfully these boots with the fur are in style once again. Pair with some knit socks, leggings, a long tissue tee, and fur vest and you’re good to go.

This might be the first and last time I look good while traveling.

Obviously something this jet-setting gal needs to work on. 

8 thoughts on “Day 361: BIG NEWS… On the Move Again

    1. No way!! It’s crazy, so many people are planning a trip to SE Asia this year and I’m so glad that includes you and Austin! Let me know your plans and you guys can crash at our place 🙂

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