The Stresses of Expat Life and Banana Boat Pictures

Happy Friday! Finally!

This week has been mentally draining and I am so ready for another trip in a couple of weeks. Peter and I are planning a 5 day trip to Thailand on the Phi Phi Islands and it couldn’t come sooner for the both of us. Peter is drained from work and I am drained from the stresses of expat life.

Although it may seem like my life would be pretty grand here in Malaysia, sometimes it is anything BUT grand. When you live in Asia everything is much harder. From grocery shopping to driving down the street to meeting friends for drinks, nothing is easy. Driving is a nightmare and it gives me hives just thinking about it. I always get horribly lost, frustrated, and desperate to get home. Remember that Penang is a small island with only two main roads… and I STILL get lost, frustrated, and desperate. Oh and our car’s air conditioning is broken so we are driving on the wrong side the road in 90 degree heat sweating buckets while stuck in traffic.

Since I despise driving so much, I often walk 15 minutes to Queensbay Mall to work at Starbucks and get groceries. Of course this means I am lugging my laptop and heavy groceries while walking home in 90 degree heat sweating buckets and dodging cars.

But most of the time I am just sweating buckets. Like all the time.

Life in Malaysia is not easy. So far the routine seems to be that I have 3 good weeks and then one terrible week when I cry a a lot, stress out, and wonder why the heck I am here. Well thankfully that occasional hellish week is now over!! Hooray!

Before the weekend begins I wanted to share some more pictures from Langkawi. They are hilarious and make me happy. They also make me miss swimming in the cold ocean because guess what?? I am currently sitting outside Starbucks… sweating buckets. Sounds familiar.

Bring on the Banana Boat! 


The crew getting ready to rumble. Somehow we ended up with horribly sized life vests. Mine was extremely small while the smallest girl in our group got the enormous adult life vest. Fail. At least we look good no matter what.


Before this picture was taken Peter tried to hop on the banana boat but ended up slipping and falling into the water. It was pretty funny. I definitely laughed at him. Love you babe ;-).


There is so much excitement going on it is ridiculous.


Peter and I seem pretty stoked and everybody else just looks kind of scared. Peter and I grew up boating, skiing, and tubing on the ocean so this is no big deal to us. I don’t think anybody else had ever been in the open water before. They were holding on for dear life which made it rough when the banana boat flipped over. I definitely landed on a few people. Ouch.


But the best part about tubing is flipping over! Am I right or am I right? Or am I crazy? Nope I am just a Floridian!


The best part about sailing is posing like a badass. The worst part about sailing is getting stuck in the net.


But really, all that matters is looking good right?

Done and done.

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