Phi Phi Islands: The Last (Thai) Supper

After our final scuba diving trip (sad face) we were happy and exhausted! The boat dropped us off at 3pm and we decided to take it easy for the remainder of the afternoon. Of course this meant another movie marathon in our room! Did you realize yet that we are total movie junkies? It is true.

Around dinner time we forced ourselves out of our deliciously dark and cold room with the promise of a delicious last supper at the Jasmine restaurant, our favorite spot on Laem Tong Beach. We ate dinner here every night because of the cheap food, relaxing beachside atmosphere, and delicious Thai cuisine. If you are staying at the Holiday Inn, you must eat at the Jasmine restaurant.

First we passed the beautiful shrine at the Holiday Inn and made our way to the beach.


Only a minute later we walked up to the Jasmine restaurant just in time to score a table on the beach during the sunset. It was a perfect end to a phenomenal vacation and I enjoyed soaking up the view. From the colorful sky to the soft sand and the long boats bobbing in the calm ocean, the view really cannot be beat. Peter and I had the same conversation over and over about how this place must be a dream. We were in constant awe over such beauty.

phiphi140 phiphi141phiphi143

By the time our food arrived it had become dark and we could no longer see the longboats quietly sitting a few feet away. We sipped on mojitos and dined on egg rolls to start. For the main course, I ordered a new-to-me curry with seafood and basically drank the curry after all was said and done. I really love me some curry. By the time the real crowds appeared we went home and straight to bed. We are total party animals.


The next morning we slipped into our bathings suits (like every other day) and packed our bags. We were scheduled to take the 2 o’clock ferry back to Phuket but we wanted to take one last dip in the ocean. After a big breakfast at the hotel, we floated around in the crystal clear water and solidified our sunburns. At this point my back was peeling in layers.

Before boarding the ferry I knew I needed to get some Thai food to go. Peter and I both got fresh mango/pineapple juices  and ordered my favorite noodle dish at the food stall next to Jasmine restaurant. Oh my goodness these noodles… We got the noodles to go which made me so excited board the ferry so I could eat!

phiphi145 phiphi147phiphi146phiphi148

While waiting for the ferry, we chilled with other guests on the deck while sipping our juice. I also took the time to photograph the hotel’s shrine more closely. The sunlight illuminated the gold goddess spectacularly under her garlands of tropical flowers. She has a pretty sweet view too if I do say so myself.

phiphi149 phiphi150 phiphi151 phiphi152 phiphi153 phiphi154phiphi156

All too soon it was time to go. The Holiday Inn staff sent us off with a traditional Thai musical performance on various percussion instruments. I love any type of drumming so I really enjoyed the fun beat. The staff looked pretty bored so I assume they must do this A LOT. No matter, it was a nice goodbye anyway!


Before we boarded the longboat that would take us to the ferry, I took one last look at our little slice of paradise. Here on the Phi Phi Islands we learned how to scuba dive, relax, and just go with the flow. We also connected with our Floridian roots and our deep seated passion for the ocean, sun, and surf. But most importantly we learned how to give in completely to the beauty surrounding us and just be.

So far the Phi Phi Islands has topped my list of best beach destinations in the world. Can it be topped? We shall have to see. 


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