Fit Fashionistas In Action: Ellie Review

I have a secret.

I admit that almost 8 months ago I became a brand ambassador for Ellie, a fitness apparel company that specializes in fashionable yet functional workout clothes. You can buy pieces individually or sign up for their Fit Fashionista Club, a monthly subscription that gives you any two pieces for $50. The company has changed a lot since I joined while they were in the midst of transitioning from pv.body to Ellie and so my ambassador status was sort of forgotten. 

However, they did send me some pieces to try from their first collection which I promised to review. Well I received the clothes, tried them on and had a big photo shoot with my sister for the blog. But then I moved to Malaysia and those pictures gathered dust.

Until now.


Morgan is wearing the Catch Me If You Can Long-sleeve Tee from Ellie’s February collection. The medium was too small for me so Morgan gladly took it instead. The material is positively lovely with an almost buttery fabric that is both lightweight and soft. She says this shirt is excellent at wicking sweat away while keeping her warm. It also has thumbnails. Need I say more? 



I am wearing the Electric Love Capri pants (while flexing of course) from the February collection. I am still obsessed with them today because of the bright blue color which is such a fun alternative to my otherwise black capris. The material is both light and soft and feels incredible to wear almost anywhere. I love the unique ribbing which gives these pants shape and flair. I am paranoid about sweat stains in awkward places so I typically wear these on yoga days or light cardio days. I also just wear them around the house because they feel like butter on my skin. 


During this photo shoot in February, we decided to show these workout clothes in action. I have a gymnastics background and Morgan is a former ballerina so we had some cool moves under our moisture-wicking sleeves. We both love yoga and threw some yoga poses in there for good measure. As you can see by the following images we really got into it and went all out! It is fun to see our ballet and gymnastics backgrounds shine through. Morgan is all straight lines, pointed toes and impressive flexibility while I am all about power! Sometimes it’s not so pretty… 


ellie38ellie52ellie33ellie26ellie40 ellie53ellie42ellie62ellie41ellie66ellie50ellie58ellie46 ellie57ellie48ellie61ellie51ellie69

Which picture is your favorite? My favorite is the karate chop. I look like a freakin’ ninja. 

As for the Ellie clothes, they stood up incredibly well to our jumping, leaping and sweating. I really enjoy my electric blue capris and I urge you to take a look at Ellie for some fashion forward fitness apparel. Their clothes are very high quality and definitely fun. I am personally excited for their Lightspeed collection this month. I love neon! So far I have only bought clothes individually and am not very familiar with the Fit Fashionista Club.

I will see if I can get my ambassador referral link so you can get 20% off their clothing through me. Until then, check out their cute workout clothes, enjoy these pictures and prepare yourself for some bloopers!

Omg I love bloopers. 

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