Fit Fashionistas Bloopers

I don’t know about you but I love blooper reels! I always get so excited when my favorite movies and television shows have bloopers. They always make me laugh out loud. I think it’s cool to see even the best actors mess up and act like their true selves. And it just so happens to be freakin’ hilarious.

And then there are our internet personas. People always put their best foot forward on the internet and filter out the bad and the ugly. Some of my favorite bloggers are people who try and expose their beautifully flawed selves, no makeup and all. I think it’s awesome.

So in the spirit of putting my true and totally weird self out there, here are some fantastic blooper shots from my Fit Fashionistas in Action photo shoot.

Hold on to your hats. Things are about to get freaky. And don’t worry, those little black blobs that look like UFOs are actually just tufts of grass I kicked into the air with my oh so powerful legs. Let’s do this.


There are a few bloopers of Morgan but she still looks so darn graceful.


I just look wild with untamed hair.


This is what happens when you capture me seconds before jumping. I think it’s safe to say that I will never be an Olympic athlete at the high jump. But I am pretty good at the YMCA:


I have nothing to say about this but BRILLIANT.


In this combination, Morgan directed me to “jump like a tiger”. I think it turned out very Crouching Tiger, Hidden Kirsten.


And in this one, Morgan directed me to jump and just “let it all go”. So I jumped and literally shook out my limbs. It’s very modern dance. I think I found a new career.


For the last few shots we took it to the ground. Morgan still looks quite lovely rolling around on the grass.


And I just look…


Well you know.

This is me in all my super weird glory. You may make fun of me for posting these awkward pictures on the internet, but I am just celebrating myself, awkwardness and all. I love to have fun, make people laugh and act like a total weirdo.

This is me. Who are you? 

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