I got chills, they’re multiplying

Happy Halloween!

I wanted to share some great pictures from Saturday when we actually celebrated Halloween. Usually I wear a costume but have poor execution. This time I went all out!

Can you guess who I am?


Sandy from Grease!

My costume was really easy to put together since I already had the black pants, black shirt and leather jacket. All I had to buy were the red shoes which were perfect and a big belt. Oh I also had to curl my hair, tease it up and hairspray the crap out of it. It took two hours!! The makeup was also really fun and involved lots of eyeshadow, eyeliner and big brows. I felt amazing and basically sang Grease songs all night.

Carina dressed up too! Can you guess what she is?


Just your typical Day of the Dead girl complete with sassy skeleton makeup and Mexican attire. She looked great! I had a lot of fun curling her long hair and admiring her face painting skills. She is certainly a talented artist!

halloween4 halloween5

We had so much fun! After taking three hours to get ready (ridiculous) and watching Hocus Pocus to pass the time, we met up with Morgan’s boyfriend to go to a Crossfit party. The party was BYOB at the shuffleboard courts and they even had a live DJ! We met a lot of cool Crossfit people (aren’t they all cool?) and admired all of their costumes.


Morgan met up with us after work and arrived looking positively glamorous. Hello Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffney’s! Check out her shoes. So fabulous. What an awesome and easy costume idea.


Of course we had to take pictures in the bathroom like normal people.


I also met Danny and Frenchy! Obviously I asked for a picture together before I left. Not awkward at all. Frenchy looked so adorable with her pink hair.

halloween20 halloween21

We then went to our friend’s Day of the Dead birthday party. Carina and I were feeling really awesome at that point and sang Grease songs on the ride there at the top of our lungs. Thanks Morgan and Geoff for putting up with us! You guys are awesome. At the party we saw our good friend Kim and snacked on delicious enchiladas and peanut butter cake. It was fantastic.

halloween23 halloween24

Here are Morgan and Geoff. Audrey and the nerd. You guys were so funny. Thanks for driving us around.


After the party, Morgan dropped Carina and I downtown where we continued to rock our costumes. It was way too much fun! First we snuck into a club without paying, left almost immediately due to terrible music and then found ourselves at our favorite bar with all of our friends! I danced with a random older gentleman from Kentucky who was sweet on me and was served delicious water from the bartender who looked like Josh Groban. No joke. Then Carina and I danced with a Marine and a guy from Slovakia (my homeland!).

There was a lot of funny dancing which I loved. Sometimes it is so fun to just dress up and dance like idiots. Yup, that was us.

It was a late night but we had a total blast.

Who knows, Sandy might come out tonight for one last dance. Goodbye to Sandra Dee… 

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