Halloween Dinner Date Night and a Quick and Dirty Kettlebell Workout

Wow can you believe it already November?? This year is flying by and soon enough I will be back in Asia wondering why… haha. Nah I am actually kind of excited to get back over there but it is always nice to be home.

Speaking of home… Peter is back in town for a few weeks and we are having a ball together. Even though he missed the Halloween festivities last Saturday, we made up for it by dressing up in costumes and going on a Halloween dinner date night. I had my Sandy costume ready but Peter had to throw something together last minute.

So last night I ended up taking out the dirty laundry…


He was a laundry hamper! We cut the bottom off a plastic hamper and strapped it over his shoulders with some belts. To complete the look, he wore pajamas and stuffed a dirty shirt and bottle of detergent down the front. It was hilarious. As we walked down the street literally every single person smiled at his costume and shouted “that’s so creative!” or “yeah man!” People loved it.


Good thing I like doing laundry ;-).


For dinner we went to Cassis American Brasserie for their Halloween party. Carina and I went two years ago and had a lot of fun. They always have amazing decorations which really help you get in the Halloween spirit. We just wanted some food and a fun atmosphere!


Dinner was delicious like always and the ambiance was amazing. So spooky! Later in the evening a DJ started playing classic Halloween songs like Monster Mash and Thriller. It totally rocked. We got up and danced for a little bit and saw some people we know. St. Pete is a small town!


Nerd alert…

It was a perfect Halloween evening with just the two of us. I am so glad we decided to do something for this bizarre holiday. I love celebrating holidays!



On the workout front, I have been taking a lot of rest days while Peter is in town. When I do get to the gym, I favor short and intense workouts that get me in and out of the gym in under 45 minutes. Kettlebells are my weapon of choice since they provide a great metabolic workout!

This workout I did Wednesday involved just one 25lb. kettlebell and a timer:

quick and dirty kettlebell workout

Quick and Dirty Kettlebell Workout:

20 KB Swings

20 Push Ups

20 KB Reverse Lunges (10 each leg)

20 KB Lunge Rows (10 each arm)

3 Rounds for Time

Since you are only going through this circuit 3 times, try to go through it as fast as you can! I completed this in about 9:40 and I could have definitely gone faster. This gets your heart rate up quickly and you can get your workout done in no time!

For another Kettlebell workout try my Metabolic Booster Circuit. Kettlebells are my jam.

Happy November!


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