Happy 26th Birthday Peter

Happy 26th Birthday Peter! Gosh we are getting old… 

This is the first birthday you have spent at home in over 7 years. And for some awesome reason your friends listened to me and came to celebrate with you this weekend. I was amazed… mostly because they actually showed up. But also because you have so many friends who care about you deeply. Although that is no surprise because you are a kind and considerate friend and a fun guy to be around. People are drawn to you.

peterbday1 11-16-13

On Saturday we gathered at Wood Fire Pizza for delicious pizza, lots of laughter and many beverages. I brought the cake and watched with amusement as you and your friends shared ridiculous stories. After saying goodbye to our parents, we all went downtown for some more fun an sparkling champagne bottles. It was pretty epic.

You were so happy and I know you had fun. Here’s to many more birthday celebrations to come.

I love you so much, Happy Birthday!

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