Best Photos of 2013 (and I said yes to the dress!)

Wow I cannot believe this week is already over. This is such a sad thing to say, but I wish this week was longer! I have to-do lists up to my ears with wedding planning, charity auction planning and post-holidays catch-up work for my regular day-job tasks. Did I mention I found my wedding dress??? (Edited for the groom’s protection).

say yes to the dress 1

I am still working on nailing down the church and venue for a April 2015 wedding, but I FOUND MY WEDDING DRESS! It pretty and white (obviously) and I am in love. I really loved another dress but wasn’t entirely sure about the style so I decided to try on a few more . Then they pulled a dress by the same designer and I immediately felt so much more comfortable and at ease. When I walked out to show my mom and sister, I teared up and knew in my gut that this was the dress. So happy!

Did I mention that I am moving to China next month? Yes, I think I have. So let’s throw on this to-do list: getting my Chinese tourist visa, booking flights and try communicating with Peter via a 13-hour time difference. I am just plain-old CONFUSED.

No really, I have no idea what day it is or what I am doing tomorrow without consulting my planner/phone/mom and for some reason my head is still above water. This is good. I enjoy being busy when it is actual productive and necessary busyness. However, this blog and my photography has sort of been put on the back burner. Well actually it was always on the back burner and I am totally ok with that.

The thing is, I still have a ridiculous amount of beautiful photographs and amazing stories from Thailand that I need to share! 6 months after the trip of a lifetime, I have only shared the crazy time Carina and I spent in Siem Reap!

I am still too busy to make any promises at the moment so instead I will post my favorite photos from 2013. Some of pretty and other just make me smile: 

Postcard perfection on Phi Phi Islands
Chiang Mai and a sea of Buddhas
The spectacular mountaintops of the Dolomites
This view: ocean and my man
I mean, it’s a puppy tied to a tree. How adorable is that?
I am obsessed with this photo of incense candles in Penang. It is the shock of red among the ashes.
Just awesome.
Currently my desktop picture. Finding my way in the Dolomites.
Abrupt contrast of the Petronas Towers.
A perfect rainbow while skiing in the Alps. This picture encompasses my Italy trip.
Colorful and systematic design in Malaysia.
A women lighting a candle in the Batu Caves. Calm in the midst of chaos.
This guy. My favorite.
Photobooth amazingness.
The temple trees of Siem Reap, my favorite.
A Florida sunset picture will always be in my top ten photos of the year.
Peter snowboarding in the snowglobe of the Dolomites. I love Italy.
Peter snowboarding in the snow globe of the Dolomites. Perfection!

And that’s it! I still love taking pictures and last year was a gold-mine of beautiful and special images. Many I love because they are wonderful memories and other are just pretty good pictures if I do say so myself! My other favorite photos from 2013 are in my 2013 Recap Post.

Now it’s time to break out the camera and start taking the best photos of 2014!

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