3 more days: Fashion crisis

Jeez, this week has been dragging by so slowly. I don’t know what to do with myself. So I haven’t been doing anything of course. Today is my preliminary packing day. Supposidely. However, I slept in till noon and have only managed to eat cereal, make a cup of coffee, bask in the wonderful sun with my dog, and organize some movies that I never watch. It is so easy to keep busy without actually doing anything productive. I have mastered unnecessary organization down to an art. Hopefully it will make packing easier, whenever I start.

Packing is one of those stressful tasks that always changes and has the knack of either keeping you awake at night as you construct outfits for each day of your trip, or making you feel like an idiot once you arrive at your destination and realize you forgot underwear. It’s also a question of style. Europeans are are very stylish. Put that together with the fact that the Danes are known as especially beautiful people, and we have a fashion crisis on our hands. How do you compete with beautiful, stylish, blond people? Obviously I can’t wear my Bowdoin sweats and stained Uggs to class. It’s a European city, not a small college campus in Maine (unfortunately). This means packing less sweats and more chic clothes that have never been worn before and must now get out there and face the world. Also, buying clothes in Copenhagen is a must. You understand the dilemma here. And my decision to blog about this problem instead of actually packing.

Mmmkay. Time to shove my life for the next 4 months into 2 (or maybe 3) suitcases. If only I could fit a scruffy Greek in there as well… sigh. Then my life would be complete.

Wish me luck!

One thought on “3 more days: Fashion crisis

  1. hahaha oh kirsten! Im feeling your fashion crisis right now! WHY IS EVERYONE SO MUCH BETTER DRESSED THAN ME?! I miss my cozy maine. haha. Good luck you!! Get excited!

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