Hot and Cold

St. Pete, Florida: 57 degrees and sunny
Brunswick, Maine: 11 degrees, feels like -3, partly cloudy
Copenhagen: 36 degrees, feels like 26, mostly cloudy

Ok so a cold front has finally penetrated the grossly warm Florida winter. I was hoping for some warm sunshine on my last day to stock up on my supply of sun, Vitamin C, and skin color before heading across the Atlantic and up North. Very north. Oh well. At least Copenhagen is the lesser evil compared to Bowdoin right now. Feels like -3? No thank you. I’d rather not relive those horrid morning walks across the frigid, barren expanse of the Quad on the way to class. Caitlin can attest to how it made us want to die and fail out of Physics for the need to stay well-rested and warm freshman year. “Feels like 26” is manageable. However, this could be slightly problematic when the Danes use Celsius instead of Fahrenheit and I can’t figure what the temperature is anyways. Ignorance is bliss. No personal weather-man and clothing adviser, aka Tana, this semester. Let’s hope I survive.

FINALLY, I leave tomorrow afternoon and arrive in Copenhagen at 7:30AM on Sunday. Immediately DIS takes me to an early run down on housing with host families and then the Jeppesen’s pick me up and take me to their home! For the rest of the week we have orientation, social gatherings, organized tours and whatnot. I cannot wait!

It seems like mostly everyone has arrived safely to their abroad locations and are already having a blast. I am eager to join the ranks. Kiddies returning to Bowdoin, I am jealous. Seriously. Please, stay warm all. “Cold hands, warm heart” :). I miss everyone already!

The Quad looks really inviting right now.

So deceptive but inviting all the same…

One thought on “Hot and Cold

  1. hello! physics was pretty cold. europe is not nearly as bad. dont worry about bringing too much clothing; but i recommend lots of nice sweaters. and peanut butter. go for the uggs too you will be glad you did. -caitlin

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