Salzburg… my feet are sore but my heart is soaring


The highlight of the trip. I have to commemorate Salzburg with excerpts from my journal. It was a magical city that hit me with inspiration. Spring has sprung. The sun is out and the sky is blue.

“Salzburg continues to amaze and amuse me. The weather has blessed us with warmth and alpine beauty. The city is a precious jewel in the mountain rough. It almost feels like summer.”

Round One. Sound of Music Tour.

A must in Salzburg. Our awesome tour guide brought us to all the filming spots from the movie. Mom and I had a blast. Especially listening to the soundtrack while winding through the Alps. You know how everything seems so big in movies? Well it was actually much smaller in real life. Each place, location, prop become real, and occupy a space outside of the movie. It is an incredible feeling, especially when that movie is the Sound of Music and that location is Salzburg.

Try to figure out the scenes from the pictures!

Round Two. Graveyards.

Mom harbors a slight obsession with graveyards that borders on morbid but really affirms their grave beauty (haha punny).

Round Three. Bovaria.

We traveled across the border, into Bovaria, past Hitler’s Eagle Nest, and down into the Salt Mines. We hiked to all the peaks of the Salzburg valley: the fortress, the monastery, and modern art museum. We had plenty of time to sustain ourselves in perfect Austrian fashion: sausage and beer. Each peak offered stunning views and a different perspective.

Round Four. Hiking.

“Salzburg is like a dream. The mountains in the distance are shrouded in a misty haze. Almost within an easy reach to grab for the taking. That is not reality, I cannot grab the mountain, but it is there. And so big!”

“I love noon. The city comes alive from every direction with the sound of bells, the sound of music. This is our daily concert, the chimes of 42 churches, each with a distinct harmony, song, personality. The city becomes brighter if that is even possible.”

Salzburg was truly magical. It brought out the artist in me. I can see how this city, Mozart’s birthplace, can transform a person to express the beauty around them. This was definitely the highlight of the trip.

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