Tana and Mike’s Wedding: Pt. 1

So I need to post Tana’s wedding pictures BEFORE China pictures. Why? I don’t want to get too far behind on posting and I want to spend ample time recapping my China adventures. Plus, the wedding pictures all came out perfectly with no editing needed. However, my China pictures all require some editing and brightening because there was little natural sunlight and I was using a crappy lens. Hello macro-lens, you are my new fav!

As you probably know already, the wedding was BEAUTIFUL and I enjoyed the celebration so much. Since the professional photographer did not arrive till the afternoon of the wedding, I became the unofficial photographer the morning before the ceremony. Yay! It was SO. MUCH. FUN. New profession maybe?

After a wonderful Rehearsal dinner Friday night, Caitlin and I ate some delicious breakfast at Whitehall Inn and headed over to the bride’s house to help make the bridal bouquets. The flowers came from her mother’s garden and they were absolutely beautiful. The girls did a great job of assorting the flowers into beautiful bouquets, although it was hard and took a long time!

The bride’s bouquet consisted of white flowers interspersed with little blue flowers. But they all turned out so beautifully! What a fun idea to make the bouquet’s themselves.

The bouquets turned out perfectly with little time to spare. Next up… hair and makeup!

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