Back in the States and Day 56

I am back in the United States! But I am not very happy about it. Ok so finally seeing the sun has been wonderful as has returning to a normal eating routine… but I miss China. Weird right? I miss the hustle and bustle of a big city, I miss walking everywhere, I miss exploring a new place and very different culture. And of course I miss Peter, which you probably figured out by now.

The trip was a great mix of relaxation, exploration, and work. Typically, we took it easy in the morning and would go out and explore in the afternoon. Evenings varied from walking the French Concession, to Brazilian Carnival parties and long dinners with friends. We also barreled through 2 seasons of Justified. What an awesome show! I highly recommend it! It is very Southern and violent but has great characters and interesting story-lines. Thought I would hate it but ended up loving it!

So I have many pictures and stories to cover from my trip over the next several days. In addition to my current Photos of the Day, I will be posting Photos of the Day from the duration of my trip. WordPress is blocked in China ūüė¶ so I enjoyed the break from posting and instead focused on experiencing my vacation.¬†Isn’t that how vacation should be?

Day 56: Shanghai Arrival

Taken on my first day in Shanghai while getting lost walking to Carrefour. An overcast and hazy day. Fairly typical for March in the city. And just a small sample of the thousands upon thousands of apartment buildings spread throughout Shanghai. An urban landscape to say the least.

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