Low-Impact Strength Circuit (core workout in disguise)

Are you wondering if I was able to squeeze in a workout last night?

The answer is yes! You know, I got to keep up the gun show…

On the way to happy hour I wrote up a quick circuit I could do once I got home. My requirements were:

1. Low-Impact– I am sticking to low-impact exercise (no running or jumping) for the next 2 weeks to avoid aggravating my injured foot

2. Strength Focused– I am starting to lift more regularly again. Aiming for 3-4 strength sessions per week.

3. 20 Minutes Max- It was late (8:30pm) and I was hungry!

This is what I came up with!

I used my 8lb. dumbbells at home. Here are explanations of some of the moves:

Dumbbell Push Press. Stand holding a pair of dumbbells by your shoulders, palms facing each other with knees slightly bent. Lower into a squat. Push up with your legs as you push the dumbbells over your head. Lower the dumbbells while lowering back into a squat and repeat.

Front Lunge with a Twist. Lunge forward then twist your dumbbell over the lunging leg. Return to the forward facing position and push back to standing. Complete one full minute on the same leg then switch.

Plank Alternating Single-Arm Rows. Beginning in a push-up position, lift your right arm and row, keeping your arm in tight to your body. Then row with your left arm. Keep alternating arms for the entire minute. As noted above, you can do this with or without dumbbells. I was feeling a little lazy!

Push Ups with Alternating Leg Lifts. These are fun. And when I say fun I mean hard! Start in a push-up position. Bend your elbows and bring your torso towards the ground. While straightening your arms during the upward phase of the push-up, simultaneously lift your right foot off the ground, knee straight, and engage your glutes. At the top of the push-up bring both feet back to the ground. Repeat, this time lifting your left foot during the upward phase. Alternate legs for the entire minute.

And there you have it! This workout was perfect after a long day of work. My heart-rate was up, I was sweating, and my muscles were burning. I completed the circuit twice in about 25 minutes. My core is pretty sore today. Most of these moves challenge your core a lot more than you expect. It sounds like a winner to me!

Happy Thursday and keep on moving!

2 thoughts on “Low-Impact Strength Circuit (core workout in disguise)

    1. I am amazed that you work out that early! Working out in the morning sounds idea except for the whole waking up early part. You are the smart one!

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