Day 131: A Bangin’ New Look

So much to talk about! For once in my life I had a very social weekend and had no desire to blog. Instead I was living!

Let’s rewind back to Friday. This happened…

I got bangs! I had a special birthday appointment in the morning to refresh my highlights and get a trim. Out of the blue my hairdresser asked if I wanted to change up my look. Yes I have had the same exact style since college. Don’t judge.

Even before my obsession with The Hunger Games, I was totally entranced by Jennifer Lawrence. I first noticed her in that incredible red dress at the Academy Awards when she was nominated for Winter’s Bone. Then she completely wowed in that gold dress at The Hunger Games premiere. But it was her hair that really caught my attention.

I absolutely love the low braided bun and the way the bangs loosely frame her face. I couldn’t get this hairstyle out of my brain. So when my hairstylist suggested a change, maybe some wispy bangs, I was totally on board.

In those final seconds I almost bailed. What if it looks terrible? What if bangs suck? What if I look like a 12 year old mop head?

“Just do it”, I said. Nike style.

Several snips later and… BANG! Bangs! I love them (plural?)! They make me look older (win) and can easily be swept to the side or pinned back for a workout. Moral of the story: do not be afraid to try new things! Sometimes the results are amazing.

After my epic haircut I finished up work, got a facial, took a much much muuuuuch needed nap, then waited for Carina and her boy to arrive! They drove over from Orlando to see me and his friends from FSU. We grabbed dinner at Frescos then hung out at World of Beer. It ended up being a really fun and chill night that barely scratched the surface of the craziness to come Saturday night.

But more on that later!

2 thoughts on “Day 131: A Bangin’ New Look

    1. Haha thanks Linds!

      You’re “before” pictures are totally hot too! You are inspiring. Can’t wait to see those muscles grow!

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