Boston: JFK Museum and a Reunion

Two weekends ago I was with my family in Boston for Taylor’s graduation. It was a gloriously exhausting vacation as graduations tend to be. There is a lot of walking, a lot of sitting, and a whole lot of family time.

Family vacations are tough. Everybody is tired and cranky, emotions run high, and nobody holds back which can lead to some dramatic moments. However, you are surrounded by the people who love you the most. It is the most uncomfortable comfort. Make sense?

My parents, grandma, sister, and I arrived in Boston mid-morning after a 7am flight. Nothing like some sleep deprivation to start a family vacation off right! After a long wait at a hilariously cheap rental car place, we finally boarded our bad-ass minivan and sped off towards Chestnut Hill.

We picked up Taylor and her boyfriend, Stephen, at the Boston College campus and drove down the street for some lunch at the famous Eagle’s Deli.

The place was packed so we were seated at a neighboring restaurant. We devoured wraps and subs while watching Crossfit Games on TV. The athletes were ridiculously strong! I was so impressed. Maybe I’ll try out Crossfit sometime. It definitely fits in with my gymnastics past.

After lunch we drove into the city to check out the JFK Museum before checking into our hotel. It located in this awesome modern building on the Boston Harbor.

The museum was wonderful and extremely well done. The exhibits were very interactive and elaborate and there were several films introducing various themes from JFK’s life and presidency. I definitely needed to brush up on my American history.

After wandering through the museum, we gathered outside and lounged around in the sun trying to soak up some warmth in the chilly sea breeze.

Of course we had our own little photo shoot. I rarely take pictures of people so this was especially fun.

The soon-to-be college grad with her UVA boy. I don’t know how she’s wearing shorts. It was freezing! But I remember wearing similar clothes in spring when I lived in Maine. 60 degrees feels like summer.

The girls with Grandma Kathy. She was so sweet to travel all the way to Boston for Taylor. She came up to Bowdoin for my graduation as well. Best grandma ever!

I love this.

Full of Vitamin-D, we left the JFK museum, checked into our hotel, and took a little nap. We had reservations at Legal Seafood and at the last minute invited Lakshmi!!

This girl was in Boston for a day after taking a family trip to Hawaii and was able to come to dinner with us. I hadn’t seen her since she flew down to Florida for my birthday almost a whole year ago. Crazy how time flies! Hopefully we will see each other again soon.

Boston, part two, is coming soon!

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