Back in Boston and It Feels So Good

It’s official. I love the United States. But you knew this already.

While I do not mind galavanting around Asia and Europe, sometimes I forget how wonderful it is to travel within the United States. First of all, the US has spectacular internet and cellphone coverage. Please excuse this privileged first world desire of mine but it is the truth. I am thrilled to be able to google and instagram whatever and wherever I want even if it makes me dumber and less-in-the-moment. Sometimes I just want to share my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season…. See below… (By the way have you seen this or this video?? Bahaha).


#psl #firstoftheseason #fallingforfall #americabiatch #airportcoffeeissonecessary #whyamihashtaggingthis

Well I got off track… Oh right, I was talking about why traveling in the US is awesome and why you should go NOW: The United States has everything to offer the curious traveler. From energetic cities to rural farmland, there is so much to see from state to state.

I had the chance to experience the diversity of this wonderful country last week when I journeyed to Boston and Pennsylvania on the most American mode of transportation, the train. My sister lives in Boston so my parents and I spent the weekend exploring, eating and shopping our way through this awesome city. Let me just say, there was A LOT of shopping going down. I was last in Boston for Taylor’s graduation and it felt amazing to be back up north.


My mom and I arrived Thursday afternoon and immediately set off for Newbury Street, just a few blocks from my sister’s apartment in Back Bay. Priorities people. It was a gorgeous day and surprisingly warm. I found myself rather enjoying the slow trickle of sweat down my back, a lovely little nuisance in contrast with the buckets of sweat that once poured from my body every second in Malaysia. But I digress (I can talk about sweating in South East Asia for HOURS but that is literally all I did there).

For the rest of the afternoon we walked, shopped and squealed over cute boots and the handsome brick buildings surrounding us. Taylor eventually met us after work for a lovely and chilly dinner outside at some Italian restaurant. I wore my new leather jacket and felt like a baller. It was cool.


Friday morning we woke up early and put on our spandex best for a lovely walk along the Charles River. There was a slight chill in the air that added a pep to our step while speed walking down the streets and over to the riverside. Even though my left foot still hurts like a biatch when walking/running/moving/breathing, I enjoyed the walk with my girls. We even jogged for a bit! Oh yeah, we are pretty intense.

IMG_3857 IMG_3880 IMG_3881

Taylor ran home to get some work done while mom and I continued to walk along Newbury Street! Obviously… We grabbed some Starbucks for breakfast and shopped for some shoes. We by chance happened to walk to the Public Library and noticed that they were giving a tour in and hour. Hello something random and touristy to do!

We quickly cleaned up and rushed back for the 11am tour of the Boston Public Library. Our guide was a sweet old man who explained the architecture and history of the library, the very first public library in the United States. It was constructed in the Italian Renaissance style with an emphasis on Venetian maritime symbols and even has an elaborate palazzo in the center. My favorite room was definitely the main reading room which had those old fashioned green reading lamps and spectacularly high ceilings. I mean how cool is that?? If I lived in Boston I would do all my work in this room.


The tour of the library was definitely different and a wonderful intermission between shopping extravaganzas.

After the tour, Taylor met us for lunch at a cute little Thai restaurant next to the Apple store where people were lining up for the new Iphone. Crazy people. Even though I’ve had real Thai food in Thailand, I still appreciate well-prepared Thai food in the US. My mom even ordered Khao Soy, the traditional northern Thai dish I tried for the first time in Chiang Mai. It was pretty good!

In addition to people watching on the streets, we also saw a sweet dog tied to a tree outside of a coffee shop. I guess people lock up both bikes and pets outside certain establishments in Boston. I assume they do this as well in places like Portland, OR and other hippie cities like that. Actually hippie cities probably allow pets in every establishment. Can anybody enlighten me on this subject?

IMG_3882 IMG_3989

After lunch, Taylor went back to work and my mom and I did more shopping. Surprised?

Later in the evening we met my dad and some friends at a restaurant called DaVinci’s. We had been there years ago and were sadly disappointed with our meals. However because they messed up my moms order they brought us a dessert sampler platter for free. It literally made my night. If something ever goes down between us, just send me a dessert platter and all will be forgiven.

Well there are more photos to come of my trips to Boston and Pennsylvania. The grand US tour continues!

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