Day 170: My [Simple] Style

I thought I’d do a style post today just because I love looking at other people’s style and getting ideas. Maybe this will also inspire me to actually get dressed on the weekends (spandex counts right?).

My Simple Style

My philosophy on clothing is that if you don’t feel comfortable, don’t wear it! This applies to the actual texture of the clothes as well as how confident I feel wearing an outfit. Yes heels may look great, but they hurt my feet and I hate being taller than everyone around me. I maybe wear heels once a year. Seriously.

At the Office

My office has a casual dress code which means no power suits! Hooray! Instead, I focus on pulled-together comfort. Normally I pair stretchy pants in grey or black with a long top and cardigan.

In the summer months, dresses in light cotton materials reign supreme. I try to find dresses that hit just above the knee and cover my shoulders or I will cover-up with a cardigan.

For most of my outfits, I try to wear at least one item of interest that pops from the rest of the outfit. Usually that includes a colorful shirt of one piece of colorful jewelry. Below, I am wearing my favorite orb necklace as the centerpiece of my outfit.

Here are examples of the bracelets I wear to add color and texture to my outfit. I avoid wearing too much jewelry because it’s both physical and visual clutter. If I wear a bold bracelet, I will wear simple studs or tear drop earrings and not wear a necklace.

I got this red beaded bracelet in China and love wearing it as a reminder of my travels. And again, the goal is to create one item of interest that draws the eye in each outfit. This is what is most comfortable to me. My only exception to this rule is purses. Sometimes I grab a bold clutch to enhance my outfit.

As for shoes, I am a sandals girl. I like to wear pretty but neutral sandals to work and on the weekends. You will never find me wearing heels. Ever. It’s a comfort and height thing. With heels I am 6 feet tall and find myself looking down on people. I like to be on the same level as others. Below are my favorite sandals at this moment. They are made out of a nude patent leather and have just enough cushion in the sole.

Weekend Wear

On weekends, I prefer stretchy pants and oversized tops. I hate wearing shorts because my legs are always cold. And I hate wearing jeans because the material is so unforgiving. Right now my leg muscles are huge and I can’t fit in my jeans! This is good for my body, bad for my wallet.

This would be my outfit of choice. Even in the Florida heat! Comfy, casual, and a little boho. I am obsessed with tribal prints right now. It appeals to my wanderlust.

Below is my favorite outfit right now. I am actually wearing it now! This shirt is awesome. It is long which is great for my long torso, has quarter-length sleeves which is my cut of choice, has a collared and short neckline that de-emphasizes my large chest, and is made out of a light and silky fabric. Love. Worn with my favorite Ann Taylor black spandex pants.

Dressing Up

For formal events I tend to wear empire waisted dresses with basic and complimentary jewelry. Tonight I have an event that I will be working and below is a version of my outfit. Except for the heels. I will probably borrow my sister’s heels that are a tad lower. Ugh.

If you haven’t noticed, I love teal!

Working Out

Finally, my ultimate outfit consists entirely of Lululemon. Obviously I own and wear workout clothes of various brands, but Lulu is my all-time love. The material is so comfortable that I find myself wearing Lulu around the house while avoid wearing it to the gym. I don’t want to get it dirty! Haha.

As an aspiring personal trainer, I look forward to wearing spandex all day. But I hope I can maintain my comfy, casual, boho weekend look outside the gym. It is amazing how good it feels to dress up like a real person. You got to show off those well-earned muscles!

And there you have it. My simple, casual, comfy, stretchy, teal, sandals, boho style. I’m always looking for inspiration and ways to step out of my comfort zone. Sometimes you have to be bold!

For more of my style inspiration, check out my board on Pinterest:

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