Day 171: King of the Jungle

My guy is king of the jungle and doesn’t even know it.

I really like this picture. Of course he is totally oblivious to the awesomeness going on here.

This was on Wednesday when we ended up hanging out for almost 3 hours after work, absolutely starving. We joined Peter’s mom and her tennis friends at the Vinoy for a very late and very long dinner. We didn’t finish until 10:30pm! Crazy! The food was incredible and the company was…. comical, to the say the least.

Both Tuesday and Wednesday were rest days, mostly of out necessity. On Tuesday I went straight to dinner at Cassis with Peter’s dad and stepmom and Wednesday was the same deal.

Too many dinners out do not make my stomach feel great. Skipping a workout makes my body hurt. Does that happen to anybody else? If I don’t exercise or MOVE my muscles and joints ache. NEED. MORE. STRETCHING. IN. MY. LIFE.

Exercising and just moving my body is such a necessary mental release. Let me tell ya, after 2 days of inactivity, I feel more stressed, have a shorter fuse, and find myself crying at a moments notice. It is not good behavior. Thankfully I fit in a quick workout yesterday before working a big event last night.

Stay tuned!

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