Day 172: Let’s get this party started

Yesterday I worked hard.

I moved boxes, organized party favors, directed storage and organization of gifts, and sweated more than I thought was possible. And this was all between 2-5pm.

Then the real party started.

My dad was on the host committee for a Welcome to St. Pete party in a penthouse downtown. The party was for some new doctors in town to meet some of the local businesses. I was there to represent my company and help organize and hand out some party favors.

After mingling a little and eating some delicious food, I trudged downstairs to the condo lobby to set up shop. While I stood in crazy high heels helping give away awesome gifts all by myself, my family and Peter were upstairs living it up.

Morgan even bathed in the ritziest shower in the history of the world.

While I was upset that I had to work all alone while every body else socialized and drank cocktails, I did have a good time.

I dressed up all fancy. I saw some old friends (hey Taylor!). I ate incredible apple tarts that were heaven in my mouth. I introduced the infamous Peter to many family friends. People gave Peter rave reviews!

I worked hard and saw the fruits of my labor. I am happy knowing that the party was a success.

Check out this view! They demolished this historic building but kept the exterior intact. Pretty cool stuff.

Daily Workout

Between running around town preparing for the party, I found a 45 minute window to workout, stretch, and shower! You don’t need a lot of time to get in a workout!

I did the first half of the Burpee Challenge then one round of Fitnessista’s Summer Shape-Up Workout 2. It was quick and dirty and helped get out all of my pent-up rage. But seriously, that morning my mood sucked and I felt this uncontrollable anger building inside of me. It was a little scary. I do not handle pressure well, especially when I feel out of control and particularly stressed. Exercise is my outlet so I made sure to fit in a sweat session.

It felt great! I am sore!

And I think I need to take up kickboxing…

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