Day 177: Stuck at Home

The sun is out! The streets are (almost) dry!! Unfortunately this meant that I actually had to go in to work today ;-), but it is nice to get out of the house.


Yesterday was still very wet and tide still very high so we decided to stay close to home again. Cabin fever was setting in!

Being home was very calm and relaxing as I worked next to Taylor with our parents bouncing around from time to time. They are so funny. I think they also get excited when their girls are home. There is more to fret about. And bug us about :-).

Taylor and I both work in the kitchen when we are home. The kitchen is definitely the most important room in our house. It is the room that brings us all together. It is where we eat, talk, argue, and commiserate. Mostly importantly, it is the place with the most food. Obviously that is where I like to be.

Here’s Taylor contemplating the rain:

Daily Workout

At about 5:30 I headed upstairs for some yoga. Monday’s SSU Workout 3 made me ridiculously sore in the most ridiculous places. Like my shins. And my forearms. And my upper-abs.


To stretch it out I did my usual Hatha Flow Class and followed it up with a Hip Opener Class. 1.5 hours of deep stretching and “OOMING” later (kidding about the ooming) I felt great! Then I had to get outside for some fresh air. Pronto.

I grabbed my phone and talked to Carina while sauntering down the steamy street. Caroline said hi as she drove by. So nice :-). 45 minutes later I was home.

It was a good day for being home the entire time. Sometimes all you need is food, family, and a good stretch. Keep that in mind.

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