Day 188: Beach Bums

Saturday was rough.

Let’s just say I never saw the morning light. Or even much of the afternoon light. The sun hurt my eyes.

But at 4pm we were alive and ready to hit the beach with some friends. Who ended up leaving the beach. Never mind.

So we got pedicures. My girl took out the cheese grater again for my scaly heels. It was frightening. But effective.

At 8pm we set out again for the beach. This time our friends met us there. At a biker bar. We played pool and my teammate and I owned the table. I was actually good at pool!! The guys said it’s because of my jacked triceps. I agreed.

Two beach bars, two pool games, two beers, and two firework displays later, we headed home. Not too late and not too drunk. It was certainly not as exciting as Friday night but was a nice evening.

I think I want to live at the beach. Forever.

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