Day 189: Southern Hospitality

Storm’s a comin’

Oh wait, that’s just my family.

Like I mentioned before, some family drama took place Friday at the beach. It wasn’t anything huge or dangerous, just highly entertaining.

My grandparents have lived on the beach for more than 40 years. They coincidentally live two houses down from a major historic hotel. For the last several years my grandparents have been in legal battle with this hotel over property rights to the beach. Basically, my grandparents say that their property extends all the way to the ocean.

Well this issue came to a head TWICE on Friday. Let me dish out the juicy details:

Family Drama #1

Back at the house, we heard a commotion. I saw my uncles running down the boardwalk to the beach. The kids and I looked at each other and said, “Let’s go”. So we all run down to investigate. Not before my grandpa runs out of the house and ask what’s going on. “Uh we don’t know!”

Down at the beach we see a lovely beach wedding taking place by our family tent.

This is bad news. My grandpa would have a fit and sue everybody if he found out. My uncles start talking to the hotel lady managing the wedding to inform her that the hotel cannot have weddings on our beach. Meanwhile, my entire family sits under our tent watching the show and praying they hurry up and kiss already! Get out before grandpa brings out the bat!

It was funny.

Family Drama #2

Later on a group of girls and their mother were taking professional pictures on the beach. Of course the photographer walks them down to OUR BEACH. Better run and hide dude.

My cousin was licking an ice cream cone by the water and was apparently in their way so the photographer told him to go elsewhere. Well my uncle heard about this, stormed down to the photographer, and said “You don’t talk to my son like that. You talk to me!”

Here you can see the finger pointing.

Well some words were exchanged that included the photographer saying “Nice language. Way to set an example for your son. Very nice.” and “You aren’t even from Florida!” as he stalked away.

Um, he is from Florida.

And that was that. So twice we successfully chased people off “our beach”. Which was good for them because if my grandpa found out, he would take out the baseball bat. Hahaha. Not even kidding.

Welcome to the south! We hope you enjoyed your stay. Ya’ll come back now, you hear? 😉

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