Day 199: I’m Going to Bootcamp

It’s a new moon. Makes me think of Twilight which makes me aosdfjaoifhaiosdhfalsdjfa excited for the final movie installment. Jacob, you can imprint on me anytime 😉

Wednesday was a busy day at work. Best part of it though? I was standing all day! In case you missed it, I am taking a stand for my health! 

For the last three days I have been standing for almost 6 hours a day. 6 hours! Wahoo!! Last week when I started on this journey, I have to tell ya, I was exhausted. Just the act of standing wiped me out physically. That is not good my friends!

Well after a week at my ghetto standing desk (aka cardboard box), I feel great! My energy is way up and I no longer feel so exhausted at the end of the day. I am less snacky and credit the slightly increased physical activity to warding off boredom induced hunger. Also, my hips no longer ache and my lower back is pain-free. It’s a miracle!

My only issue thus far has been my feet! The bottom of my feet ache and my tendonitis is flaring up again. It’s time for some squishy shoes with arch support. Do you think my office will let me wear sneakers? (probably)

So take a stand with me! You will not be sorry 🙂

Daily Workout

Finally, a full-body strength workout! Hallelujah! My booty was still a little sore so I avoided heavy lower-body lifting. But this did not mean I took it easy on the rest of my body. No sir!

Here’s a look at my superset workout:


Our gym got a brand new set of medicine balls at various weights and I am excited to incorporate them into my workouts. And last but not least…

Next week I going to Bootcamp! Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp that is. If you are interested in joining, registration closes tomorrow! It’s going to be fun! I am excited to let somebody else take the reins in my training.

Will you join me?

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