Day 200: Inspired


I’m trying to remember what I did Thursday.


And am honestly drawing up a blank.


I know I worked from home.


Maybe I just worked all day like a normal person.


Who does that???

(I’m kidding)


Daily Workout

Spin class with my favorite instructor! She is so awesome and so high energy. She is also a certified spin instructor with Les Mills so she knows her stuff. I pushed myself extra hard and really amped up the resistance. My chest was burning so bad. It felt so good to challenge myself.

Next week I am starting Tina’s Bootcamp and cannot freakin’ wait. I want to go to bootcamp now. And have men in camo yell at me to roll in the mud, climb walls, and pulls ropes and stuff.

Maybe I feel this way because I just saw Magic Mike again with my sister.

Let’s just say I was… inspired.

Oh lord.



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