Day 202: Ominous


More ominous weather.

More close encounters with nature.

Florida, you definitely keep me on my toes.

Today we had another terrifying experience with the weather while out boating.

I swear, Florida is trying to kill me before I can leave.

So selfish of you Florida.

But let me jump back to Saturday first.

Daily Workout

After sleeping in and lounging around, I biked to the gym at 1pm in the blazing sun. The sun felt good on my back but boy oh boy it was hot. It’s fine as you bike but once you stop, you realize sweat is pouring from every pore on your body. Very salty.

At the gym I did my Super Super Set Workout again and added 60lb. dead lifts to the mix. This workout is certainly a winner! Try it out!

After the gym I got a massage and had my injured foot beaten into submission. Hello painful. To help heal, I grabbed a green juice and some groceries at Rolling Oats. I love the green juice there. Then I dropped my sister off in Tampa and witnessed a crazy lightning storm while driving across the bay.

Did you know that Florida is the Lightning Capital of the United States and the area from Tampa Bay to Titusville is known as “Lightning Alley”? Yeah. I’m not surprised.

For the rest of the evening I chilled out watching ghost stories and scaring myself silly. This probably prepared me for the terror to come… Sunday adventures coming up!


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