Day 209: Olympic Motivation

Happy Monday!! It is the start of another week so let’s make it count!

Obviously I am quite chipper today. Probably because I MOVE TO CHINA IN 45 DAYS.

Hold your horses while I pass out a little.

But again, I’m getting ahead of myself. Like always.


This Saturday my family was finally together again! Morgan finished up her summer job in Tampa and Taylor awoke from late night 21st birthday celebration for Stephen. My headache kept me at home instead of joining the party but apparently Taylor and Stephen hung out with rapper Nappy Roots?? Bizarre. Has anybody heard of him?

Oh to be young again.

In the afternoon Taylor, Stephen, and I went to catch some rays at the pool.

The Vinoy was packed! Even my friend Megan was there with her sister and friends. You should go read Megan’s post on Peanut Butter Fingers about volunteering with Tampa Bay Watch. It is awesome! Megan was recently engaged to her fantastic fiancee Aaron and is having the reception at the Vinoy in April. I need to fly back for that party!

After some serious people watching we went home for a family dinner. Hello steak! My mom also was kind enough to make a delicious quinoa veggie salad. It was so yum.

Then the rest of the evening was spent watching the Olympics!!! We were on the edge of our seats. Watching such incredible athletes compete is so inspiring.

Daily Workout

As part of Best Body Bootcamp, I hopped on the stationary bike for 40 minutes of intervals before the pool. The minutes flew by while watching Olympic swimming. When Ryan Lochte beat out Michael Phelps?? Whew. With each race I found myself pushing harder and harder on the bike, breathing hard, and sweating more and more as the swimmers churned through the water. It was the best motivator! I bike 10+ miles!

It is amazing how your speed picks up naturally when watching others work hard and compete. I intend to watch the Olympics during every mundane cardio session.

Is stationary biking an Olympic event?

As much as I hate chlorine and pools (after 5 years of diving that smell is ingrained in my brain), swimming is such a fun sport to watch. They are truly incredible athletes. I played water polo for a couple seasons and was blown out of the water by my swimmer teammates. I had more of a doggie paddle going on.

However, I am most looking forward to the gymnastics and diving events. Why? Because I was a gymnast for 10 years and diver for 5 years! I know how incredibly difficult both sports are. Both gymnastics and diving are mind-games more than anything. You learn to shut off your brain and trust your body.

What’s crazy is that these athletes make it look SO EASY. Triple twist layout? Nbd. Uh… hello???

It makes me even more motivated to try Crossfit. Bring my back to my gymnast roots!

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