Day 210: Old and New Connections

Ahh! So busy today!!

Blogging is falling on the wayside. But that’s alright.


Because of friends! I am amping up my social life and connecting with people before move to China. Here are some recent connections that are making my heart happy:

1. Sunday I had the wonderful opportunity to meet up with an IIN classmate at Kahwa Coffee in St. Pete. Of course we had a lot to talk about! Emily moved to St. Pete a couple years ago but has since then quit her corporate dining job, is moving back to New York, and is committed to becoming a health coach. I love it!

We studied a bit for our upcoming test and practiced health histories. We had a lot in common and went off on several rants about the food industry and corporate marketing of processed foods. We IIN Students can get quite heated! Is our duty to inform the public to make better dietary and lifestyle choices!

This is what motivates me!

2. Next weekend I get to hang out with the lovely Lindsay of Lindsay’s List! After reading and being so touched by her wonderful post on fellowship , I realized I will literally drive by her house when my family and I visit Highlands, North Carolina next weekend!

What a coincidence!

You know life is telling you something when your family decides to vacation directly next to a friend you have connected with online for a year or so. I am so so SO happy we can finally meet up before I move to China!

We shall hike, lunch, and be merry.

3. This weekend I am off to Orlando to hang with my best gal Carina. Although she was tempted to live at my house for the rest of the summer, she has been back in Orlando prepping for her crazy Chinese girls to come back. Oh the coincidences are endless.

Carina knows more Chinese than I do. This weekend I need to convince her to move with me and be my translator. Or we’ll just hang out by the pool and drink some wine. That works too.

It makes me sad to think that I’ll be leaving behind my family and friends. However I know we will value our time together that much more. Plus they will be bombarded with crazy China stories.

Moving is not the end. It is just the beginning.

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