Day 222: A little more country than club

So I can barely walk. But I can totally hike. It’s a gift.

But really my legs are so sore. It hurts. All the time. That’s what 3 days of hiking up a mountain will do to ya. But once my feet hit the trail, my legs feel light and they propel me up and up and up. Pain-free.

That’s why I plan to hike non-stop. It’s a good plan.

Now let’s get to it!

Friday Photo of the Day:

Friday we made the final leg of our trip and rolled into Highlands around 4pm. First item on the agenda was an evening dinner at the country club. Sounds super snotty but my parents are avid golfers which is why we are staying at a house here.


So before dinner is a “social hour”  and I am chatting with some ladies and my mom who is holding a glass of wine. As I am talking with my hands, I manage to knock the glass out of her hands and spill wine all over my white shirt.

They shouldn’t let me in places like this.

Places with croquet fields. Where you are required to wear all white.

No seriously. Check out the rules.

But really the country club is a beautiful place. Green manicured lawns and golfers in their pinstriped best. The air is cool and crisp. Men and women in golf cars wave and smile as they drive by.

It’s very nice. But I think I’m a little more country than club.

The proof is the wine stain on my clothes.

The best part of the country club is the house and the chance to hang out with family and friends. Our neighbors are sharing the house with us and it has been amazing. Just give me a house full of people and I am happy.

OH and a bed in a closet. I felt like Harry Potter in my cupboard. It was very cozy. If only I brought my owl.

For the rest of my trip I’ll be looking for the country side of things.

Give me dirt over manicured grass any day.

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