Day 223: Friends in High Places

Severe exhaustion has crept in. Safe to say that my (not so) little Florida body is not used to hiking up trails four days straight. But it is a welcome feeling of accomplishment and freedom. I have never felt so alive.

The hiking extravaganza started bright and early Saturday morning with the one and only Lindsay from Lindsay’s List! We met up at Whiteside Mountain for a hike with her sister and two adorable tots.

Lindsay is as sweet and down-to-earth in real life as she is on her blog. I was a little nervous meeting her but my fears were put aside as soon as we hit the trail, most likely because both Lindsay and her sister carried the kids on their backs up the mountain.

No fear.

The hike up Whiteside was tough but so worth it. Chatting with Lindsay made the ascent fly by and we were traversing the top in no time. The Smokey Mountains stayed true to their name as fog drifted up and over the mountain tops. It was a stunning view.

Lindsay and her sister amazed me with their strength and grace while they carried the kids up the mountain. I hope I can be a hot and strong mama like Lindsay when I grow up!

Did I mention we were high up? Did I mention we are kind of silly? And I swear I was lightly holding little Henry’s head to include him in the picture! He was so adorable, singing away. My kind of guy.

After the (super sweaty) hike, we drove to Highlands and explored. It was so fun to see that the shops had not really changed much over the years. The fudge at Kilwins is still incredible. Don’t worry, we checked.

Eventually we found a nice cafe at a grocery store and stopped for lunch. The food was delicious but the company was better. After lunch, we said our goodbyes and parted ways. It amazes me how blogging brings people together. I am so blessed to have connected with Lindsay during my trip. I had the best time and am grateful that she made the time to hang out and share with me. Sharing is caring!

Afterwards I met up with my mom, Mrs. Wood, Warren, and Kim at Bucks Coffee. We ended up shopping around the town for awhile, finding some interesting goodies including this Treasures of Asia shop. Of course I dragged Warren and Kim inside to explore the Japanese garden, Buddha statues, and jade jewelry.

Bring it on Asia!

Once we returned, I hightailed it to the clubhouse gym for Workout C of Best Body Bootcamp. It was an awesome 30 minute circuit workout that had my buns burning! Hence the soreness. Back at the house my family and the Woods family had dinner and hung out for the rest of the evening.

Oh and I made a friend!

Kim is Warren’s sweet fiancee and we got along so well. Once she started asking me about workouts, nutrition, and photography I knew we would be great friends. Now I need to be back in St. Pete for their wedding this spring!

Yeah, we’re close.

This great day ended with a great sunset.

I am so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends who are so supportive and excited for this new chapter in my life. I am grateful for this escape to the woods before starting something so new. I am so happy to make new friends with exceptional people who continue to surprise me with their graciousness and kindness. Finally, I am blessed to live on this beautiful earth and have a life filled with wonder and love.

I am grateful.

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