Day 236: Make your cake and eat it too

I love birthdays.

It’s the day you celebrate somebody because they were born. Because they exist! Beautiful right?

Remember when I threw my first birthday party? It was amazing to have all my friends there, having a good time because of me. All these very different people from different walks of life were together because I was born.

Blows my freakin’ mind.

One of my friends whom I met through Peter turned 24 on Monday. I went out with him and some friends Monday after their soccer game to say happy birthday. I also joked around about baking him a cake. So Friday that’s just what I did.

I baked a cake.

I may or may not have left the tough stuff to Betty Crocker and her boxed mix but it was fun to bake anyways. I also made the brilliant choice of topping the cake with vanilla funfetti icing. Brilliant.

Later that night I arrived at their place, cake in hand, only to find the birthday boy gone. Even after texting him all day, he thought I was joking about the cake! Whoops.

So Pete (his roommate) and I watched The Big Lebowski (not one of my favs) then could not contain ourselves anymore.

We had to eat the cake.

We took the pack of 24 candles (CRAZY COINCIDENCE) and spelled out 24 on the cake. It looked pretty terrible hah. Pete may or may not have burned himself while individually lighting each candle with a lighter.

Probably not the most effective way to light candles.

We took pictures and sent them to Adam which is when he realized that I was actually being serious. Happy Birthday! Then we blew out the candles and chowed down. Delicious. Thanks Betty.

At about 1am Adam finally returned and had some cake. Everybody deserves a cake on their birthday! Even if they don’t believe you are actually making one. He felt bad for not being there earlier but was grateful for the gesture. I was happy to show a friend that I care through my actions instead of my words.

Only because he doesn’t believe what I say anyway =P

At least I got to make my cake and eat it too.

Happy Birthday Adam!

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