Day 237: Impending Storm

Hurricane Issac?


Saturday showed no signs of the impending storm and was actually a beautiful day.

I had planned on driving to Orlando in the afternoon to visit Carina but started stressing out about the storm. You know, since I have such great luck driving in Hurricanes. Yeah… NOT.

My parents are out of town so I’ve been in charge of the house this weekend. Recently we discovered we have a flea infestation (fun times trying to catch jumping, blood sucking fleas in your bed) so the bug guy came to spray on Friday. I had to leave the house for 3 hours then vacuum all the floors Saturday afternoon. 2 hours of vacuuming, sweating, and cursing later, I was absolutely exhausted. At that rate I would start driving at 3:30pm, make it to Orlando at 6:30pm then need to leave Sunday at noon to beat the storm.

Yeah that did not sit well with me. So instead I called Carina up and we chatted for almost 2 hours. What a great friend. She’s on my list so we’ll see each other before I leave.

Daily Workout

Friday– During my house exile, I happily hopped over to the gym for some fun steady state cardio. “Fun” meaning I watched Keeping Up With the Kardashians  for an hour and a half while pedaling on the bike. In one episode Kourtney was exploring the option of an at-home water birth. Her dynamic with her two sisters reminded me a lot of my relationship with my own sisters. I will definitely be the crazy holistic sister who goes to holistic doctors, has at home natural births, and slathers coconut oil on my body. They will think I am insane. Muhahaha.

Saturday– Started Week 5 of Bootcamp and a full-body strength session (my fav!) was on the agenda. This week features drop sets which I am not totally in love with. I’ll let you know more of my thoughts after Workout B.

Ok that is all. The end. (such a cop-out sign off!)

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