Day 238: Social Success

This weekend was a social success!!

It was also exhausting. I love connecting with people but crave time alone. As an introverted person, I need space alone to recharge and reflect.

For a great read on how introverts like me travel, read this: The Introverts Guide to Travel 

Now that I leave in less than 3 weeks I’m exploring all these new travel blogs. They are incredible! Many of them are by hardcore travelers that backpack around the world. While my travel style is not there just yet, it’s great read other’s enthusiasm for trying new things, following your dreams, and seeing the world. See, I am not alone!

Stay tuned for a travel blog section of the Link Love page. Coming soon.

Sunday was so social because of two very special ladies. First I had lunch with my my grandma to celebrate her birthday! We had a lovely lunch at Panera and of course talked all about family. I love conversations about family history. Your learn so much!

After lunch I hung out with Peter’s mom. We hadn’t seen each other in weeks so there was a lot to catch up on! Then we worked out together. Friends who work out together, stay together. (40 minutes of awesome intervals on the bike, WOO).

OOOh and we’re discussing a ski trip this holiday season. Peter is coming too of course ;-).

By 7pm the weather was getting a little crazy so I made sure to get groceries and fill up the car with gas. You don’t know what to expect with these hurricanes!

What I can expect is my mind to be moving at a mile a minute for the next two weeks. I can’t focus. I can’t move. I can’t sit still. OY. I just want to be in China already. GET READY.

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