Day 239: Without Love

So Hurricane Isaac came and went without a hitch.

Thank goodness!

I was so anxious about flooding that I ended up working from home. It probably wasn’t necessary to stay in the house all day since there were only random bursts of rain, but I felt better about staying put. What if I got stuck in the floods like last time? What if I got in an accident? People are terrible drivers already. Add some slick roads and high winds into the mix and it’s a recipe for disaster.

You do not mess around with hurricane season. I think Floridians are sometimes too complacent about storms. Take Debby last month. People were still driving through dangerously deep water to go to dinner! Dumb.

This was the extent of the storm:

Rain and high water. Manageable.

Since I wasn’t going to leave the house for  the entire day I decided to take a rest day. It was nice to kick my feet up and chill out. However, I tend to have issues with eating during rest days. It is a topic I want to delve into at another time.

While I am fairly open on this blog, I have definitely kept many things quiet. Now that I am almost halfway through my year of nutrition education at IIN, I feel more comfortable discussing my attempts, struggles, and successes with eating in a healthy and positive way.

My hope is to better define my personal health goals and even my overall life choices. It is also important to help others and show that there is a way to get out of your own personal hell. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Love yourself. Love others. Love your choices. Love God if you believe. Love your life. Because without love in all aspects of your life, what is there?

(in previous typo I said “in all aspects of your LIFT”. This is true as well. Lift heavy weights with love ;-))

Makes me think of this song from Hairspray…

Yes Zac Efron! I love you too!

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