Day 248: Nutrition 101 and Not my last day at the office

Is it Friday yet??


Yesterday was my last day at the office. Or so I thought (will probably go back Monday). I was greeted that morning by a lovely card and flowers from my coworkers. I love them. They are great.

In celebration I ordered Thai food for the entire office at lunch. Most of them had never had Thai food! Shocking! The restaurant we ordered from even had a Macrobiotic menu! You can read my thoughts on Macrobiotics here. Of course I ordered a couple Macrobiotic dishes and gave a little nutrition lesson to my office. It really amazes me how ignorant people are on the subject of general nutrition.

Here are some nutrition topics I covered:

1. Whole grains vs. processed grains. Basically white rice is what is left when they strip away all the fiber and nutrition from brown rice. White rice causes a greater and more rapid spike in blood sugar which is linked to the development of Type 2 Diabetes. Eating whole grains like brown rice, barley, oats, millet, amaranth, etc. stabilize your blood sugar so you will not be hungry an hour later.

2. Diet soda is not a better option than regular soda. No soda is the best option. Diet soda is chocked full of artificial sweeteners that fool your body into thinking it’s getting sugar. When your body doesn’t get that promised sugar, it craves more and more and more. Thirsty? Have a glass of water. Drink more water! Please!!!

3. Eat real foods! Read nutrition labels! The less ingredients, the better. Look for foods with the least number of ingredients. 5 grain bread sounds healthy right? Check the nutrition label. First ingredient is enriched white flour. Next they add in some nuts, seeds, sugar and call it day. Go for whole wheat bread! Whole wheat should be the first ingredient in hopefully a short list of ingredients. Get some fresh whole wheat bread from the bakery!

Why do people not know these things!! My coworkers son has diabetes and by following these rules and exercising he could reverse it! This is why Americans need health coaches. I hope to educate people like my coworkers on basic nutrition principles and help them set attainable goals. It is necessary for our nation’s health!!!

End rant.

Well apparently I still think I have some sort of style so I photographed my outfit again. This is a cotton wrap dress from Target. It has quarter length sleeves and is so comfy. I dressed it up with some pearls. This necklace is actually a single strand of pearls. It is so long that you can double or even triple wrap it for a shorter look.

And of course I’m wearing my red beaded bracelet from China. It can also be worn as a necklace like I did here. Honestly I wear this piece of jewelry because it makes me feel closer to China and closer to Peter.

Did you know that I leave for China next Thursday? In less than a week?? I need to keep saying this out loud so it actually becomes real.

Daily Workout

I completed strength Workout B which adds an extra set to the same workout from last week. I love that extra set of 12-15 reps. I really felt the burn.

OK I got to go. Off to spin class!

4 thoughts on “Day 248: Nutrition 101 and Not my last day at the office

    1. I also think that people are still so caught up in low-calorie, low-fat foods. They see those words on packaged food items and think it’s healthy! We still have so far to go right? Happy Friday to you too!

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