Day 295: My greatest love affair

I had another amazing workout at Crossfit last night and won yet another group strength test. I held a 12kg kettlebell over my head for 4 minutes and 54 seconds! Beat everybody! It is amazing how important good form is to generating strength and power. Too bad my one month membership expires next week :-(. I look forward to posting all my past WODs!

Monday, October 22nd

It was a rainy and fairly warm day that makes walking down the street an adventure. The roads were wet and the umbrellas were out in full force.

But I was anxious to get back to Crossfit even though I was still in a state of intense soreness. I was excited to see what was next.

When I got to the gym I was thrilled to see deadlifts on the board. I LOVE deadlifts. They are my favorite lift and really work the booty! After a quick warmup we went straight into the weight room to find our 5 rep max for deadlifts. I was much weaker than before and bummed to be only lifting 35kg which is about 77 lbs. But there is always room for improvement. It was thrilling to finally be lifting barbells. It feels SO EMPOWERING.

Then it was time for the workout!


10 Pull Ups (jumping from a box)

15 Deadlifts (35kg)

25 Jumpsquat

100 Skip Rope


I completed the WOD in 20:50 and was wiped! The deadlifts were absolutely killer and I could feel the weakness in my upper back and shoulders. Ugh. Time to build some strength!

The long walk back to the metro was wet but I was so happy. You know that feeling after a good strength workout where your muscles are completely exhausted and tingling? Well I finally had that feeling back and welcomed it with open (and sore) arms.

I was shocked to find the subway full of people at 9pm! Shanghai has so many people that city is never really empty. I always wonder, where are these people going? What are they doing? All I know is that most of them are playing games or reading on their cellphones. Oh the joys of technology.

It was an amazing day. Finally, I was back to one of my greatest love affairs…


No amount of soreness could ever keep us apart.

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