Day 296: Netball and Cindy

Two days of strength focused Crossfit after a week off of exercise means I can barely move today. This is the most extreme case of DOMS I have had in a while. Walking and lifting my arms is an extreme challenge. Fortunately it has been a great day despite mobility issues!

Tuesday, October 23rd

Ready and terrified for my first netball practice, I took a cab at lunchtime over to my friend Lisa’s school hoping the driver could read Peter’s Chinese scrawl. Honestly I had never even heard of netball before but apparently it is big in the UK. In case you didn’t know (like me), netball is basically basketball for girls. The difference is each player is assigned a position that limits you to certain parts of the court. Also, you cannot travel with the ball! Once you get the ball, you must stop and then have 3 seconds to pass it to another player.

Sounds easy right?

Well… no. The net or basket has no backboard which makes it crazy difficult to score. Also you end up running a lot to create open space for the person passing the ball. For our first practice we played without designated positions which meant we were all running like madwomen all over the court. It was fun but exhausting! My poor lungs were done and sweat was pouring down my face after about an hour of solid play.

But it was fun! The other teachers from Lisa’s school were very nice and welcoming. We are still planning our first game against another international school faculty and to say I am scared is an understatement. Hopefully I don’t get hit in the face with the ball too many times…

Despite being completely exhausted from netball, I just couldn’t stay away from Crossfit. Are you surprised?

For strength, we worked on 5 sets of 5 Back Squats. I hate squats because my form is absolutely terrible due to the world’s most inflexible ankles. However, I worked up to a 70kg 1RM!! That is almost my bodyweight! And it was EASY. Next time I can definitely lift heavier.

Then it was time to do Cindy, my first woman.

WOD “Cindy”

5 Pull Ups

10 Push Ups

15 Squats

AMRAP 20 minutes

I completed 15 rounds and modified with box jump pull ups and knee pushups. It was tough and my lungs were once again the weakest link. But it felt so good to be sweating again. Did I mention that I love pullups? They make me feel so strong.

Whew! What a long and active day. I was definitely ready for a rest day!

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