Day 298: I Am Strong and Able

Thursday, October 25th

At Crossfit we started working on our rope climbing technique. This isn’t your playground rope climb with helpful little knots along the way. Nope, this is just a singular rope hanging from the ceiling. The technique is to wrap the rope under and over one foot then stepping on top of the rope on that foot with your other foot and standing up. Not only are you using upper body strength to grip the rope and pull up, but you are using a lot of lower body strength to stand up and keep your legs together.

I made it up the regular rope once then got psyched out by the height once my strength diminished. I stuck with the knotted rope for the rest of the climbs. Whew.

The day’s WOD was a long and brutal, consisting 32, 24, 16, then 8 repetitions of burpees, plate ground to OverHead and Toes to Bar. Busting out 80 reps of burpees is like my nightmare so I stayed on my knees for downward phase. For plate ground to OH you sumo squat down, grab a plate (10kg) off the ground, stand up and bring the plate over your head. And instead of Toes to Bar I did to Knees to Elbows which is still tough! After 80 reps of the three moves we finished with a 600m run. I hate running, especially at the end of a brutal WOD. I was dying.



Plate Ground to OH 


32, 24, 16, 8

600m run to finish

But I finished in 29.08! I was psyched to see that I made it in under 30 minutes. Next time I would like to try Toes to Bar and Burpees with a full Push Up. Getting stronger!

WODs like these make me realize that although I love lifting and working out on my own, sometimes I need that push to work harder. I would NEVER do a workout like this on my own. And if I did it would take me closer to an hour! Crossfit is amazing because it pushes you out of your comfort zone. It makes you realize that you are stronger and better than you thought you could be. I love re-discovering the athlete inside of me. It takes me back to my gymnastics days of feeling so STRONG and ABLE.

Crossfit has reminded me that I do anything if I just try.

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