Day 302: Hello Kitty

Did you hear? They are not kicking me out of China. At least not yet! After a couple phone calls the police were informed that yes I left the country when I went to Japan and that I do not have to leave till December. Just in time for the holidays! All this worrying really stressed me out. I need some Thanksgiving pumpkin pie. Lots of of it.

Monday, October 29th 

Some days I spend my afternoon in the Starbucks by Peter’s office working on my online marketing projects for my company back in the states. Sometimes it is difficult to get motivated when it is only 2:00 am in America, when the cold weather means a packed and loud Starbucks, and when I have stickers to distract me.

I am the best procrastinator. Ever.

However I was motivated by the promise of an early(er) Crossfit practice so I had to get my booty in gear. Did you notice that booty is my favorite word as of late? It must be all those deadlifts. I can FEEL my sore booty all the time.

At Crossfit I was surprised that I was not insanely sore. This is probably because the last two WODs were more Metcon than strength focused. While Metcons are fun and seriously improve my cardiovascular endurance, I prefer some heavy lifting. What can I say, I love feeling strong and able. Plus I am trying to build muscle for performance and aesthetic reasons which my lanky body makes SO DIFFICULT. Please give me my cut deltoids back. I’ve seemed to misplace them.


50 Pull Ups (jumping overhand)

75 Sit Ups

50 OH Squats (16kg)

75 DUs or 150 Rope Skips


My time was 24.20 and I felt good! But wow so many pull ups! I kind of loved it. I love pull ups. They are so difficult for me but are really the epitome of strength. Well, deadlifts are too but you know I’m partial to them.

Although I stuck with rope skips for the WOD, I practiced Double Unders for the first time after practice. They are difficult to get a hang of mentally but I was able to string together 10 in a row!! I was literally jumping up and down in excitement.

Next up? 2 real rope climbs in a row! Lets do this…

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