Day 299: Rest, Rebuild, Adapt

Friday, October 26th 

You know the best part about starting a new exercise regime? For me is it the excitement of starting one! I love jumping into a new program determined to see results and excited to get stronger. Don’t forget excited to eat  more! The worst part though? Soreness and exhaustion. 

When I started Crossfit I went all in. After living without a gym membership for several weeks I was antsy to get back into  shape. I had lost a considerable amount of strength and was ready to be strong and able again.

However I forgot that my body was simply not strong enough or fit enough yet to handle the quick transition from simple walking to high-intensity exercise!

About 4 days into Crossfit I was sore from head-to-toe, absolutely starving, and just physically exhausted. So I took a day off, slept in, and went to the spa for a head and neck massage. It was glorious.

I guess what I am trying to say is that we need to listen to our bodies, especially when starting a new exercise program. Your body needs time to rest, rebuild, and adapt to the new changes you are putting it through. You can lift heavy weights day in and day out but your muscles cannot repair and grow if you do not give them give them adequate rest and fuel.

It is important to slowly work into a new exercise program and also plan to sleep and eat a lot more! Your body needs it!

Now just for kicks… evidence of my China style: 

Purple jeans, loose cotton shirt, bright and bold bracelet, and Toms on my feet. This was taken at the spa after my glorious neck massage. It was an absurdly hot day (in late October!) that made me glad to be inside.

Speaking of massage, it is my goal to get a traditional Chinese foot massage before I head home for the holidays. My question is… why am I not getting these every day???? Foot massages are the best. Especially cheap ones in China where the ladies literally pound your feet with their hands. Does that not sound heavenly?

I’ll let you know how it goes :-).


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