Day 300: A Legit Crossfitter

Wow 300 days of the 365 Project down. Only 66 more days to go! This year is flying by.

And what happened to the weekend??? It is so cold here that I just want to stay inside, find some sort of fire (maybe the mask-less metal welders next door), and drink warm beverages while watching all my shows on the now inaccessible Hulu. Boo Chinese internet blocking. Yep, winter is almost here and I am thankful to be going home to sunny Florida in 2 weeks. 2 weeks already?? Yikes. Let’s get into some more Crossfit. Whoohoo!

Saturday, October 27th  

My Crossfit gym has scheduled group classes but an option of open gym if you cannot make it at those times. There is no class on Saturday so a couple of the Scandinavian girls and I planned to bust out our own WOD in the afternoon. It was a crappy day which made getting out of bed very difficult but I knew working out would make me feel better.

Well of course I was right! Sometimes just getting to the gym is the hardest part of a workout. It’s hard to remember that you will feel great AFTER the workout. Especially after a Crossfit WOD! The girls and I made up our own workout that was pretty tough and ambitious. OH and TOTALLY AWESOME.

I modified quite a bit on the ball walls and box jumps which I did not feel comfortable with yet. My favorite part? Deadlifts!!! They are my favorite lift EVER. You can see the whole thing took me about 30 minutes which is pretty long for a WOD. The other girls are beasts and finished in a much better time! They are so inspiring and definitely made me push harder.

Afterwards I felt amazing!!! I had a smile plastered on my face the entire walk/metro ride home. I felt ever better noticing the badass rashes on my shins from rope climbs. Way to feel like a legit Crossfitter. Now it’s time to work on my calluses and 1RMs.

I cannot wait.

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