Day 301: It’s all in the booty

Apparently China wants to deport me tomorrow. They do not understand that I actually left the country when I went to Japan on the cruise (are they so mad at Japan that they don’t consider it a country??) The police wrote me a little note that said “You need to entry and exit visa. Your visa expired. Tomorrow will go.” Scared the crap out of me. Hopefully this will be resolved tomorrow. If not, I will most likely be on a plane home in the next couple of days. Oh boy. Wish me luck!

Sunday, October 28th

After a killer WOD Saturday, I was surprised to be ready for another Sunday afternoon. I guess I’m hooked?

We started by practicing Push Presses. Basically you do a little squat and use the momentum of a hip thrust to push the barbell overhead. This exercise is for your glutes and not for your shoulders. It’s all in the booty! Then it was time for a tough WOD.


4 Push Press (30kg)

8 Pull Up (jumping underhand)

12 Divebomber

16 Box Jump (big box!)

20 Pull Over KB (12kg)

150m Sandbag Run


My time was 30.19 but I honestly have no idea if I did 4 or 5 rounds. I suck at counting. Especially when I’m counting reps as well as rounds. So let’s just say I did 5 rounds okay? 😉

Some things I noticed is that my upper-body strength has basically shriveled up and died. It’s so sad! I know I need to work on pull ups consistently or else my ability to do them goes out the window. I also noticed that using the big girl box for box jumps is actually not hard at all! It’s all in your head.

My final thought? Dive Bombers suck.

That is all.


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