Day 303: Animal House

Happy Thanksgiving! 

I wish you a wonderful holiday full of family, friends, and delicious food. We have a mini celebration tonight at an all you can eat Japanese BBQ buffet which will be epic. Then we celebrate for real this Saturday with a bunch of friends and of course, lots of food. I will be making the mashed potatoes (regular and sweet) with lots of butter (yum!).

Although I miss my family and our usual North Carolina Thanksgiving, I am grateful for our friends here in Shanghai who have become like family. It is strange being in a different country during one of the biggest American holidays because everything is business per usual. It will be nice to relax and really get into the spirit this weekend. See, living in China is not too terrible. Just different.

Tuesday, October 30th

Sometimes at Crossfit I feel like an animal. Not only am I sweating and grunting like one but there are literally animals running around the gym.

Our trainer Mark has a dog, rabbit, turtle, and cat that are sometimes allowed to roam and play around the gym. It is pretty hilarious. PJ is the guard dog who mans the front desk. And then there is the awesome rabbit that hops around then will randomly bust out crazy flips in the air. Pretty cool.

Don’t worry, the bunny wasn’t let out while we were doing the WOD. That would have been dangerous for everyone involved.


10 BB Sumo High Pull (30kg)

30 Starfish

1 Stair Run


I finished this WOD in 16.23 which was not too shabby. Except I really hate Barbell Sumo High Pulls. I feel like a total tool. Probably because I am not doing it correctly. Oh well, something to work on!

My hip flexors were totally fried after the starfish ab move. And did I mention our gym has about 10 flights of stairs?? Yeah, the stair run was more like a torturous and slow climb. I was definitely the turtle in the animal house.

Slow and steady wins the race.

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