Day 304: Sweater Weather

Happy Thanksgiving again! I am currently sitting in my favorite Starbucks, listening to Christmas music. Actually they have been playing Christmas music since Halloween here in China but I don’t mind. It makes me excited to spend the holidays with my family! I just spoke to my sisters who are home for Thanksgiving and I miss them so much.

I also have a great story to share about thanks giving and kindness but I will share it later. Let’s just say I was extra thankful today and reminded that human kindness knows no bounds or nationality. Again, Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

Wednesday, October 31st- Halloween!

If you look at a map of the world, you realize that Shanghai is not as north as you would imagine. Nope, Shanghai is the same latitude and climate as Jacksonville, Florida. Hmm… no wonder it is still hot and humid in October!

Thankfully, fall decided to peek its lovely head out just in time for Halloween. Hello sweater and scarf weather!

Fall is my favorite time of year mostly because of the clothes! I love cozying up in a big sweater, fluffy scarf, knit pants, and moccasins and drinking hot coffee without breaking a sweat. I adore the changing leaves and the crispness of a autumn day. I love everything about fall.

So on All Hallows Eve I was happy to cozy up in my sweater and make the long walk to Peter’s work. I was exhausted from netball practice AND Crossfit the day before but excited for movie night at our friend Nestor’s place.

Because it was Halloween, we celebrated with not one but TWO scary movies!! We watched Constantine and then Silent Hill which definitely put me in a scary mood! Peter then insisted we watch both Kung Fu Panda 1 and 2! I loved beautiful animation set in China and of course the wise old turtle. It was a late night but I am happy we watched FOUR movies. Too much??

Tis the season! 


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