Day 305: Shanghai Style

Thursday, November 1st

Just a typical scene on the Shanghai metro.

You know you’re in China when…

Cellphones, headphones, umbrellas, and leopard prints dominate the metro.

I do love leopard print. Maybe it’s time to bust out my leopard print pants?? I have to be honest here. I have yet to wear them. I know I know. I’m a fashion wuss.

I’ve also neglected my black heeled boots. My excuse is that my foot has been injured! It’s all sneakers over here baby. Honestly  I dress like I’m about to climb a mountain, not strut the city streets of Shanghai.

But I have a cozy AND fashionable outfit planned for our Saturday Thanksgiving feast (am I the only one who plans their outfit days in advance but can’t figure out what to wear on a day to day basis?). Black knit pants, Peter’s button down flannel shirt, wool infinity scarf, and either grey boots or brown moccasins. I am excited. And yes I realize that I will still be dressing like I’m about to climb a mountian. This just proves I belong in the snowy mountains.

Italy ski trip, here I come!

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